How can I create my own cluster of cells with positive expression for a gene?

We received the question below from a user. As the answer is most probably useful for more users, we post the answer here on the forum.

“In Data Exploration, how can I create my own custom cells set that consists of cells that show a positive expression for a certain gene?”

In Data Exploration, on the Genes Panel, search for the gene you are interested in and select it with the tick box. I will use the gene CD38 in this example:

Now click “Cellset” from the Genes panel (see above screenshot). A pop-up will appear that allows you to create a Cellset by filtering for this gene. Note that the filter uses the expression levels of the genes, not the dispersions that are visible in the Genes panel.

If I now click “Create”, my new custom cell set will appear in Cell sets and Metadata panel, under Custom cell sets:

It is also possible to create a Custom cell set, based on the filtering of multiple genes, where one can apply different filters for different genes: