Can we make additional custom cell set groups?

Additional cell set groups woudl be nice. For example to distinguish from something like inflammatory vs non-inflammatory cells AND different subsets of cells. that way these could be added as individual metadata tracks in the heatmaps.

Hi Emily,
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If I understand your request correctly, this is already possible! Namely, you can add multiple columns of metadata in the Data Management module.
See this thread in the forum: link.

Let me know if this is indeed what you need!

Thank you for the quick response! I’m sorry I was probably not clear enough. I meant the ability to have multiple cell set groups within the UMAP/tSNE section not based on sample metadata. Essentially from the image below: to separate out a group of manually set clusters (Innate and Adaptive) from a larger group of manually set clusters.

Although I could potentially do a work around and add a metadata column as suggested and have all the samples have the same value? But that might mess up clustering too.

Hi Emily,

I see, so you’d basically like to have the ability to add sections to the Custom cell sets? Like Custom cell sets 1 and then Custom cell sets 2, etc.? This is indeed not possible in the current version of Cellenics.

Adding an additional column of metadata doesn’t affect your clustering, so that is not a concern here. However, you cannot change the cell groups in Data Exploration for metadata, so I don’t think that can help you.

Right now, I think the best solution is the one you have in your screenshot. Namely, ordering the cell groups in Custom cell sets.