To generate a score based on a particular genelist

Dear Madam/Sir,
I was just wondering whether it is possible to use Cellenics to create a score (per cell, per cluster or per sample) based on the expression of a particular set of genes (ISG, chemokine receptors,…).

Dear ilango,
Apologies for the late reply. As of the current version, it is unfortunately not possible to create a custom score directly in Cellenics using a custom set of genes.

However, we are working on extending the functionality of the existing ScType feature to accommodate this. This enhancement will allow you to use a custom list of genes for your analysis.

Until this update is implemented, the best way to achieve what you need would be to export the normalized expression matrix from Cellenics (using the dedicated module in Plots and Tables) and perform further analyses externally, for example in an environment like RStudio.

We understand the importance of this feature and we are committed to continuously improving Cellenics to meet your needs. Please stay tuned for this update and feel free to reach out if you have any other questions or suggestions.