Gene list not displayed

Gene list not displayed, like this
Uploading: image.png…


We’re taking a look at your project - it looks like it’s an issue with the Seurat v4 integration together with downsampling with geometric sketching.

Is it ok that we re-run your Data Processing pipeline to attempt to resolve the issue?

Hi @YX_Ao, I fixed the gene list issue for your experiment, but please do not re-run the Data Processing pipeline in the Insights module, as for the moment it will break the project again.

The issue is in the combination of Seurat V4 integration with subsampling using Geosketching. If you remove the subsampling (which I would not recommend for Seurat integration, as it will be extremely slow due to experiment size) or change the integration method (to harmony for example) it should work.

I’m currently working on a fix to this issue though, which will allow correctly running Seurat V4 intgration with geosketching, so in the coming days it will be resolved.

We’re sorry you run into this issue and thanks for reporting!