Gene name is missing in the Processed Seurat Object RDS file

I have downloaded the processed .rds files, but I do not see any gene names in the data. It has only gene ids, for example: “ENSRNOG00000065183” “ENSRNOG00000050223” “ENSRNOG00000011191” “ENSRNOG00000030281”

How can I get the Gene names in the data?

Thank you,

Hi Zia,

Cellenics internally uses the ensembl IDs to avoid the issues that arise from duplicated gene names (if there were any). Gene symbols are stored inside the scdata@misc$gene_annotations slot.

Sadly, Seurat does not provide a way to replace the row.names of the seurat object, but in this thread there’s a potential workaround; It might need a slight modification. Please let us know if you need more help!

Thank you so much for the explanation.