Viewing CITEseq data on Cellenics

Hello everyone,

I am trying to visualize antibody expression in my Cellenics project. Right now, the data is stored as a column in the metadata.tsv file I have. For example, I have a marker of interest (e.g. CD150) as a column, and each row is the single cell barcode. The matrix is populated with a float, representing the expression of that protein marker for a single cell. The issue is, when I upload the metadata.tsv file, the columns with the protein markers of interest, do not appear under “Cell Sets and Metadata” when viewing my project. What I want, is for the cells in the UMAP to be colored relative to the expression of the selected protein marker.

Thanks in advance for you help!


Hi Paloma,
Unfortunately, as of now, Cellenics does not support the visualization of protein expression. The metadata.tsv file is primarily intended for categoric variables, such as cell type annotations, rather than continuous data like protein expression levels.
If you have further questions, please feel free to ask.

Hi Sara,

Thanks for the reply! Me and my lab would be interested in visualizing continuous data stored in the metadata.tsv file. We would love it if that was developed into Cellenics! Thanks again for hosting a great tool.

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Hi Paloma,

Thanks for your kind words and valuable feedback! We’ll consider this for future updates. Your insights are greatly appreciated!