Subset selected cell sets to a new project


I’m trying to do a new project subset of my initial experiment. However, it seems impossible because it remains stagnant at 16%. Despite waiting for several hours/days, the analysis fails to proceed any further. Furthermore, when I click on “Data Management” and attempt to relaunch the analysis, I am presented with a message stating, “We couldn’t start working on your data.”
Is there anything I must do to be able to get the subset of the new experiment?


thank you for posting your question to the Cellenics® Community Forum.

No, both of these things are not supposed to happen.

  • You should be able to create a subset experiment from any group of cells, there is nothing special you should do for creating a subset experiment.
  • From Data Management you in principle should be able to relaunch your analysis.

To look into this particular issue, we need some more information for which I sent you a DM.