How do I upload a dataset from GEO?

Good afternoon!

I want to analyze one 10X dataset from GEO.
I downloaded the required three types of files "genes, matrix, barcodes ".
But I can not upload them into cellenics.

Could you please help me with this?


Hi Lin,

thanks for posting your question and welcome to the Cellenics community forum!

The issue is simply that the file names are not in the format that is recognised by Cellenics. The fix is to name the files in each folder ‘barcodes.tsv.gz’; ‘genes.tsv.gz’; and ‘matrix.mtx.gz’. In other words, you need to remove the sample name ‘GSM386……’ part from each of the file names.

Let me know if my answer is unclear!

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Hi Jildou,

Thanks for your prompt reply!

It worked very well.

Thank you again!