Multiple files to Cellenics

Good morning.

I have a issue when I tried to upload multiple files to Cellenics project. I am working with 12000 cells and I found discouraged to add one by one to Cellenics.

I have tried to use mouse from my input folder to cellenics but nothing happened.
Could give me some tips at this point?
Thank you in advance
Best regards

Hi Sergio,

Cellenics accepts the features/barcodes/matrix files that are output from Cell Ranger. You should have one of each of these 3 files for each sample within your dataset.

You can upload ALL your data files into Cellenics in one go using drag and drop. To do so, arrange your files as follows, with a folder for each sample:

Then, simply drag and drop the sample folders (in this example, sample1/sample2/sample3 folders) into Cellenics. You can easily upload hundreds of samples at once using this method.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you encounter any specific file upload issues!