Failed running issue--internet difference?

Hello, I just find that cellenics always fail to run at the 6th step of data processing. Anyone has same experience? Is it because I used the home internet?

Hi Avina,
Maybe that is the problem. I have issues (errors, time outs) analyzing data from work (unstable internet?) but no issues at home

Hi Avina,

In your specific case, we identified that it was memory capacity on Cellenics back end that caused your pipeline to fail. We then allocated greater processing power for your analysis, which allowed your pipeline to complete successfully. Whilst we would love to have unlimited processing power available to all Cellenics users all of the time, it’s simply not practical to do this for financial reasons! But in this case, I was glad that we were able to identify and fix the problem of your pipeline!

Marc is correct, though, that in other modules of the platform internet connection can cause slow performance.

Do let us know if you encounter further issues with your analysis!