Can I Merge clusters in Data Exploration?

According cell surface markers, Louvain clusters 6 and 10 belong to the same cell type. Can I merge cluster 6 and cluster 10 into one cluster? If so, can you please provide me the step by step instruction? Thank you.

Yes, you can!

Navigate to the Data Exploration module and locate the list of Louvain clusters in the centre tile. Select the two Louvain clusters that you would like to combine using the checkboxes on the left side of the Louvain cluster name (step 1 in screenshot 1). Then, click the ‘Combine’ button (step 2 in screenshot 1).
Name the new cluster in the popup. Then, your new cluster will appear in the Custom cell sets (in the same list, underneath the Louvain clusters - see screenshot 2).

Note that if you want to copy over all your other Louvain clusters to the Custom cell sets list, you can do so using the ‘Combine’ button with only one cluster selected at a time. This essentially copies the Louvain cluster to the Custom clusters.

Hope this helps!