Sharing a project: roles?

Hi there. I’m trying to share a project with a colleage and allow them to have more access to edit the project (eg redo filtering, clustering etc). The interface only offers an ‘explorer’ role. Is that correct? Many thanks, Donald

Hi Donald,

You are correct that the interface currently only offers an ‘explorer’ role for project sharing. As an explorer, your colleague will have access to Data Exploration and Plots and Tables modules, but they won’t be able to make any changes to samples or metadata in Data Management, nor rerun the pipeline in Data Processing.

If your colleague requires independent control over data processing settings, we recommend sharing the project with them as an explorer and then having them copy the project. This will provide them with an independent copy where they have full permissions, ensuring their autonomy.

Alternatively, if both of you need to collaborate on the same project without independent copies, we could grant both of you owner permissions. However, we generally refrain from this approach due to potential conflicts if both parties access the project simultaneously, leading to unexpected behavior.

Let me know if you need further assistance or clarification on this matter.

Thanks Sara, that makes sense.
All the best,