Mistakes when loading data

when I load the data, there are some mistakes, what can I do.
Error uploading sample seRNA-seq. Invalid matrix.mtx file: Matrix is transposed. Invalid barcodes.tsv file: 60662 barcodes expected, but 58197 found. Invalid features/genes.tsv file: 58197 genes expected, but 60662 found.

Hi, it looks like the issue you’re encountering is due to the matrix being transposed, which means the rows and columns are swapped.

I’d suggest reading the matrix in R Studio, transposing it, and then exporting it. Here’s how you can do this:

  • Read the matrix:
matrix <- readMM("path_to_your/matrix.mtx")
  • Transpose the matrix:
transposed_matrix <- t(matrix)
  • Export the transposed matrix:
writeMM(transposed_matrix, "path_to_your/transposed_matrix.mtx")

I hope this helps.

thank you very much. I got it

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