How to compare DEG between two groups through Biomaga?

I have two group scRNA data, A group and B group. A group have 3 samples from the same treatment. B group have 3 samples too, but they are from control. How to compare DEG between A group with B groups through Biomaga? Thanks

Hi John,

Here’s how to proceed to find the DEGs between your two groups, A and B:

  • Navigate to the “Differential expression” panel within the Data Exploration module. Here, you’ll have to select the option named “Compare a selected cell set between samples/groups”.

  • In the “Compare cell set:” dropdown menu, if your goal is to compare all cells between the groups, simply select “All”. If you’re interested in focusing on a specific cluster, choose the relevant cluster from the list.

  • Next, use the dropdown menus “between sample/group:” and “and sample/group:” to specify the groups you wish to compare. These would be your group A and group B.

Before proceeding with the comparison, there’s an important preparatory step:

  • Ensure you have added sample-level metadata, such as “group A” and “group B”, within the Data Management module. This is done by clicking on the “Metadata” button. The metadata you input here will then be reflected in the dropdown menus in the Differential Expression panel, enabling you to specify the groups for your analysis.

I hope this helps.